Telia Future Workplace Talk #3: Remote working on Mars - June 2, 2021


Are you tired of the discussion about us going back to the office or if we will continue to work from home? 

We are, and that's why we invite the the award winning entrepreneur, investor, author and CEO of SingularityU Nordic Laila Pawlak, to read the signs from Silicon Valley and share her thoughts on the future of remote working, that may happen from the planet of Mars.

Laila will share what the future of work looks like for those who dare to dream big on behalf of their people. Those who are not thinking about getting back to the old office, but shooting for the stars and aiming to go back to a totally different place. Like Mars.


Our second speaker is Telias own thought leader on worklife experience Andrew Lewis, will share his thoughts on how Telia Company have responded to the challenges during the last 12 months from a people and culture perspective - maintaining a high level of employee engagement whilst delivering a truly digital employee experience.

Andrew will also share his thoughts on the future of work, the role of authentic leadership and the criticality of people analytics.


We will end the event with a panel of experts on future of work with Heidi Nygjelten (Nordic CHRO Amesto Tech House), Ole Henrik Golf (CEO Remote Norway), Dennis Fagerstrøm (Head of Culture and Workplace Telia Finland) and our future talent represented by Asna Dodhy (Intern Sustainability Project and Program Management at Telia).


We look forward to see you all there, lets go to Mars together!